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Best this Quarter

These teams are on fire. No one played Dota 2 more successful in the past three months and gathered more World Ranking points.

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1Virtus.proRussia 7,500
Team RussiaRussia Team Russia
3VGJ.ThunderChina VGJ.Thunder+ 7,345
4paiN GamingBrazil paiN Gaming+ 7,244
5Evil GeniusesUnited-States Evil Geniuses+ 6,142
6Team SecretOlympics Team Secret+ 5,422
7Rock.YChina Rock.Y+ 4,202
8NewbeeChina Newbee+ 3,129
9Vici GamingChina Vici Gaming+ 3,037
10Geek FamMalaysia Geek Fam+ 2,951
11Keen GamingChina Keen Gaming+ 2,826
12SG e-sportsBrazil SG e-sports+ 2,697
13Team LiquidNetherlands Team Liquid+ 2,668
Team HellasGreece Team Hellas
15Fire Dragoon E-sportsMalaysia Fire Dragoon E-sports+ 2,322
16Natus VincereUkraine Natus Vincere+ 2,042
OGOlympics OG
18MineskiPhilippines Mineski+ 1,933
19InfamousPeru Infamous+ 1,859
20OpTic GamingUnited-States OpTic Gaming+ 1,730
21TnC PredatorPhilippines TnC Predator+ 1,687
22Team HighGroundMalaysia Team HighGround+ 1,647
23Team CanadaCanada Team Canada+ 1,452
24compLexity GamingUnited-States compLexity Gaming+ 1,444
25HappyFeetPhilippines HappyFeet+ 1,347
26Ultima_ThuleRussia Ultima_Thule+ 1,314
27Team LeviathanUnited-States Team Leviathan+ 1,256
28ExecrationPhilippines Execration+ 1,230
29Team FlashMalaysia Team Flash+ 964
30The Final TribeSweden The Final Tribe+ 947
31FnaticUnited-Kingdom Fnatic+ 878
Team Empire FaithRussia Team Empire Faith
33Team PeruPeru Team Peru+ 866
34Team KazakhstanKazakhstan Team Kazakhstan+ 812
35Seventh HeavenAustralia Seventh Heaven+ 786
36EHOMEChina EHOME+ 739
37EclipseChina Eclipse+ 690
38Vega SquadronRussia Vega Squadron+ 686
39EVOS EsportsIndonesia EVOS Esports+ 684
40Play 4 FunCanada Play 4 Fun+ 658
41TaskUs TitansPhilippines TaskUs Titans+ 655
42Alpha RedThailand Alpha Red+ 641
43NiceOneKazakhstan NiceOne+ 581
FinlandFinland Finland
45White Rabbit GamingSouth-Africa White Rabbit Gaming+ 576
Slice N` DiceEgypt Slice N` Dice
47Team SpiritRussia Team Spirit+ 563
48PSG.LGDChina PSG.LGD+ 559
49818 EsportsMalaysia 818 Esports+ 519
50Gambit EsportsRussia Gambit Esports+ 509
51Volta 7Ecuador Volta 7+ 495
52VGJ.StormChina VGJ.Storm+ 480
53ImmortalsUnited-States Immortals+ 476
54Team AdmiralPhilippines Team Admiral+ 468
55Rex Regum QeonIndonesia Rex Regum Qeon+ 464
56Entity GamingIndia Entity Gaming+ 462
57Digital ChaosUnited-States Digital Chaos+ 451
58Team 5iveMalaysia Team 5ive+ 446
59Team UnknownPeru Team Unknown+ 445
60LGD.Forever YoungChina LGD.Forever Young+ 443
61Learn2GankMexico Learn2Gank+ 439
62Quid pro QuoPhilippines Quid pro Quo+ 409
63PENTA SportsGermany PENTA Sports+ 406
Clutch GamersMalaysia Clutch Gamers
65Marlerino EsportsRussia Marlerino Esports+ 383
66T Show.RisingBrazil T Show.Rising+ 368
67SerbiaSerbia Serbia+ 349
UAshkiUkraine UAshki
69Team USAUnited-States Team USA+ 347
705 Anchors No CaptainFinland 5 Anchors No Captain+ 335
71Alter EgoIndonesia Alter Ego+ 331
72Boom IDIndonesia Boom ID+ 326
73mousesportsGermany mousesports+ 318
Luccini GamingPeru Luccini Gaming
75Gorillaz-PridePeru Gorillaz-Pride+ 257
76EffectRussia Effect+ 256
77New BeginningMalaysia New Beginning+ 252
78Blue PikachuUnited-States Blue Pikachu+ 248
79MansNotHotOlympics MansNotHot+ 241
NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands
81RazeTunisia Raze+ 209
Bravado GamingSouth-Africa Bravado Gaming
83Midas Club VictoryBrazil Midas Club Victory+ 198
84Newbee YoungChina Newbee Young+ 190
85Mad KingsPeru Mad Kings+ 180
86Team KinguinPoland Team Kinguin+ 170
87Planet DogOlympics Planet Dog+ 158
88HellRaisersUkraine HellRaisers+ 157
WarriorsGaming.UnityMalaysia WarriorsGaming.Unity
90Double DimensionRussia Double Dimension+ 143
91SwedenSweden Sweden+ 141
GermanyGermany Germany
iG VitalityChina iG Vitality
RomaniaRomania Romania
95SignifyIndia Signify+ 134
Team LebanonLebanon Team Lebanon
98M19Russia M19+ 128
99Rock GamingChina Rock Gaming+ 119
Sinister 5South-Africa Sinister 5