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Players and Teams in the database

The Dota 2 World Ranking currently includes 3834 players and 2733 teams from 77 countries. Maybe take a look at these randomly chosen ones. Or search the database for a team of your choice. You can also filter all teams in the world ranking itself.

HTzVietnamPlayer HTzRank:
venomUnited-StatesPlayer venomRank:
MasarosThailandPlayer MasarosRank:
SweetLoveVietnamPlayer SweetLoveRank:
N9ChinaPlayer N9Rank:
GGHAXORSwitzerlandPlayer GGHAXORRank:
Firve DogsOlympicsTeam Firve DogsRank:
SaksaMacedoniaPlayer SaksaRank:
DanDogAustraliaPlayer DanDogRank:
Play 2 WinOlympicsTeam Play 2 WinRank: