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Players and Teams in the database

The Dota 2 World Ranking currently includes 6031 players and 3478 teams from 79 countries. Maybe take a look at these randomly chosen ones. Or search the database for a team of your choice. You can also filter all teams in the world ranking itself.

YamICHRussiaTeam YamICHRank: 159
InsanityIranTeam InsanityRank: 653
xiaofuChinaPlayer xiaofuRank: 211
invokerwodotRussiaPlayer invokerwodotRank: 2573
MarxoxSouth-AfricaPlayer MarxoxRank: 1641
2DMalaysiaPlayer 2DRank: 1489
StephCzech-RepublicPlayer StephRank: 2450
ExactlyRussiaPlayer ExactlyRank: 1309
YatoIndiaPlayer YatoRank: 1720
ARK.GamingChinaTeam ARK.GamingRank: 401